Contact Information
  • Please select an appropriate selection below. Generally a child is only listed as a significant other if he or she is an adult living with the parent.

Household Info
  • If the resident dog is not sterilized, they will not be considered for a dog unless the AGR dog was spayed/neutered prior to intake even though AGR will have the fwita take the dog in for spay or neuter.

Golden Preferences
  • Are they any weight restrictions that need to be considered for placement?

Experience with Pets
Training and Behavior
  • Some rescued Goldens come from physically abusive homes and are extremely timid and have a condition called "submissive urination". Usually this condition lasts only a few days. Once the Golden knows he is in a home where he will not be beaten or abused and his self-esteem and confidence return, this problem usaually takes care of itself. However, if it does not, are you willing to read some information on behavior modification to help the Golden overcome this condition?

General Agreement